Valters Gencs

   Advocate in Latvia / Lithuania / Estonia 

   Tel.: +371 67 24 00 90

Practice area

  • Legal services in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia
  • Taxation in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia
  • Tax Consulting in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia
  • Litigation in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia
  • Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia
  • Finance and Banking in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia
  • Patents and Trademarks Law in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia
  • Regulatory Compliance in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia


John Marshall Law School, Chicago, IL, USA; (LL.M., 1995);

Recipient of the U.S. Senator Edmund F. Muskie scholarship, (1994);

Institute of International Affairs (International Business Studies, (1994); 

Law School of the University of Latvia (LL.B., 1993).

Work Experience

Founder of Gencs Valters Law Firm (since 2000);

Chairman of the Norwegian Chamber of Commerce in Latvia (2008 -2011);

Lecturer in the Stockholm's School of Economics in Latvia (2000);

Head of Tax & Legal department of Ernst & Young Latvia, Head of Tax ad hoc group of the Foreign Investors Council in Latvia (1998-2002);

Member of the Working Group on Intellectual Property Protection and Enforcement Issues appointed by Prime Minister (1999);

Member of the Working Group on Tax Law appointed by the Prime Minister (1997);

Welsh & Katz, Ltd., Chicago (1995);

Legal Counsel for Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia (1994).


  • EUROPEAN TAXATION, 2007 (IBFD) International Income Tax Changes in Latvia; 
  • TAX ANALYSTS (USA) country correspondent; 
  • BNA World Intellectual Property Report; 
  • Madrid Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Trademarks in Latvia;
  • EIPR International Bar Association, 1997. 


Attorney in Latvia, Latvian Bar Association; Attorney in Estonia, Estonian Bar Association; attorney in Lithuania, Lithuanian Bar Association, International Bar Association, AIPLAFICPIECTA;AIPPI; ES USA & CANADA; ITMA; INTAMARQUESGRURInternational Tax Planning Association; Latvian Patent Attorney, Latvian Trademark Attorney, Latvian Design Patent Attorney, Association of Latvian Patent Attorneys; European Patent and Trademark Attorney.


English, Latvian and Russian

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About Valters Gencs

In many regards, Latvian advocate Valters Gencs is the archetypal modern Baltic attorney – US educated, willing to take a commercial risk with his firm, which has been successfully operating for almost 16 years.  

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Our knowledge

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