Extradition of a person in Latvia

A person who is located in the territory of Latvia may be extradited for criminal prosecution, trial, or the execution of a judgment, if a request has been received for temporary arrest or from a foreign state to extradite such person regarding an offence that, in accordance with the Criminal Law of Latvia and the foreign state, is criminal.

A person may be extradited for the execution of a judgment by the state that rendered the judgment and convicted the person with a punishment that is related to deprivation of liberty for a term of not less than four months, if the international agreement does not provide otherwise.

The extradition of a person is not admissible, if the person is a Latvian citizen. 

Having received a request of a foreign state regarding the extradition of a person, the Prosecutor General’s Office commences an examination of the request. An examination shall be completed within 20 days from the day of the receipt of an extradition request, but the Prosecutor General can extend the examination term. 

The Prosecutor General’s Office shall send a decision that has entered into effect regarding the admissibility of the extradition of a person, together with examination materials, to the Ministry of Justice. The Cabinet of Ministers shall take a decision, on the basis of a proposal of the Minster for Justice, to extradite a person to a foreign state or refuse extradition.

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Extradition of a person in Latvia

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