Buying land in Lithuania

Restrictions to buy agricultural land in Lithuania

Natural persons or legal persons have rights to acquire agricultural land in Lithuania. Natural person must have professional skills and competence. Such a person is considered who has been engaged in agricultural business activities within Lithuania for a minimum of 3 years during the last 10 years before buying agricultural land in Lithuania, also such a person has to declare crops. Natural person shall register his agricultural activity or have agricultural education diploma. This requirement does not apply to young farmers until 40 years old who have obtained permission from National Land Service under the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania to buy agricultural land in Lithuania.

Legal persons and foreign legal persons that meet union criteria must also demonstrate that they have been engaged in agricultural business activities within Lithuania for a minimum of 3 years, before they may purchase agricultural land in Lithuania. Overall revenue from agriculture of such a foreign company must be satisfied, more than 50% of income has to come from agriculture activity. Also, economic vitality has to be proved for The Ministry of Agriculture of Lithuania. Foreign company perspectives would be evaluated by the Ministry. 

Foreign persons from the moment they bought agriculture land shall ensure this land usage for agriculture purpose for minimum 5 years (except if during this 5 year term, the agricultural land is transferred to third persons). Fine for 5 year violation can reach up to 3000 EUR. The minimal approved income level per hectare (set by the Ministry of Agriculture) must be maintained.

Permits to buy agricultural land in Lithuania

Natural persons or legal persons can purchase agricultural land only when receive permission by the National Land Service. Permission or motivated refusal to grant permission is issued within 15 working days since the request reception in the subdivision of the National Land Service.  

Permission to buy agricultural land in Lithuania is granted if a natural or legal person meets the requirements and commits to comply with the Constitution of Lithuania and Law on Land of Lithuania.

Limits to buy agricultural land in Lithuania

Person or related persons can purchase from the State maximum of 300 hectares of agricultural land in Lithuania. Person or related persons can purchase maximum of 500 hectares of agricultural land from the State and other persons combined. This limit does not apply if agricultural land is purchased for cattle breeding in Lithuania and purchased agricultural land do not exceed ratio of 1 conditional animal per 1 hectare. Related persons are held spouses, their parents and their under-age children. Related persons are also held legal persons who directly or indirectly control more than 25% shares of other legal person which allow to vote in shareholders meeting.

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